Friday, January 9, 2009

Blessings for Week 5 - The Innocence of Youth

When doing portraits of kids, I usually spend more time running than anything else (and hopefully I remember to check my settings and snap the shutter a few times too). I never schedule a night out on the town after a kids photo shoot, because I'm usually headed to bed by 8:30 that night from shear exhaustion. But I love to examine each photo when I get back to the office, and drink in the small details that spell out what its like to be a kid.

Fresh faces.

Easy smiles.

Silly laughter.

Sparkling eyes.

The ability to be completely carefree.

And Mom's arms ready to fold them into a quick cry before the fun begins again.

Playground shoots are some of my favorite, because they capture all that silliness and innocence in the ideal child's environment. I am thankful this week for the reminder from the children in these photographs that the journey is a ton of fun, if I just remember to take a good run around the playground of life.