Friday, January 2, 2009

Blessings for Week 4 - Looking Back

Ok, we admit, we've missed a week. But instead of beating ourselves up over it, we've decided to continue counting our blessings :)

The beginning of a new year is always so refreshing. No matter how you mucked up 2008, you now have a fresh, clean start and a full 52 weeks ahead of you to count your blessings all over again. But before moving on to oh-nine, we want to share with you some really cool links, thanks to one of our favorite photo blogs, Photojojo.

In case you're like us and spend more time behind that lens and thankfully much less time in front of the tube, you may have missed some of the news of 2008. I hear from some very reputable sources that some were certainly worth missing, too! Although some, such as the Beijing Olympics, a Solar Eclipse, and finding Aunt Lula's long-lost dentures are worth a look back. So thanks to Photojojo, we're passing on these three links, giving you a look back on 2008 guessed format! Some of these shots are breathtaking, others are tearjerkers, but we hope each one will give you a memory of 2008 that you will be thankful for.

2008 in Pictures, Part One

2008 in Pictures, Part Two

2008 in Pictures, Part Three