Friday, December 12, 2008

Blessings for Week 3 - Know It Alls

WOW! The holidays are keeping us busy, but we're still counting our blessings!

Some have a difficult time admitting that they don’t know it all. Maybe its a pride thing, maybe they really think they've got it all down, who knows. But I don’t have a problem with it at all. In the grand scheme of it all, I know very little. And I love to learn, which is really quite convenient, because there’s a ton of stuff out there as it relates to photography that I’m still soaking up. For instance, why do I feel like such a complete spaz when I’m trying to take pictures of Christmas lights? Why are my pictures coming out as total duds?

So this week, I’m thankful for those who know more than I do! I found this great blog out there that I refer anyone to who is interested in photography and finding the right balance between good lighting and great pictures. Check out Strobist - the masters of everything Light related. This wonderful article about How to Photograph Christmas Lights laid out the process in black and white, giving great tips on what time of day is best to photograph, and explaining exactly what is happening inside and outside your camera when you're shooting Christmas lights. If you're photographing with a digital slr, a point and shoot, or even just a camera phone, you'll benefit from these tips.

Armed with my newfound knowledge, out I went to get some great shots. And you know what? Duds no more, folks! Check out this before and after.

Spazzed out results before reading Strobist.

Bingo! Lovin' the Christmas Lights.

So next time a Know It All crosses your path, count your blessings - they might just be able to teach you something!